July 19, 2010

To cook like a Masterchef cooks . . .

I have found myself getting into Masterchef. It comes from Mum enjoying it and her visiting for a few days and then going away on holidays with them. On holidays you have the luxury of actually watching a show every night.
Something I noticed is the way that it has influenced my cooking. The night after they had to cook a satay sauce, I made a chicken satay stir fry. When they had prawns in the mystery box challenge I found myself wondering idly when the last time I cooked with prawns was.

I read somewhere that when Masterchef uses an unusual ingredient that the sales go up by 200% in the following week. How easily we humans are persuaded.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds amazing. I've never watched Masterchef before, but it sounds interesting!

Erin said...

It's pretty cool - basically there are 20 amture cooks and they have cooking challenges until one is left and is the 'masterchef' :)