July 8, 2010

Famous Last Words

A lot can change in a week - or even 3 days. I've had 6 interviews in the past week. And I just accepted a full time child care job.
And you know what? I'm excited.

Excited with a silly little grin on my face.

I'm so, so  thankful for the peace God has given me to excitedly accept a direction than less than a week ago I was completely against.

Expect to see a change in the age range of activities here - and I'll accept any great ideas you've done with babies/toddlers.

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Sherry and Donna said...

Congratulation Erin and remember ... Life is a journey made up of many steps. You may not know exactly where you are going yet but for as long as you continue to put one foot in front of the other you will go somewhere. Of course you are free to change direction along the way! .. Enjoy the journey Erin after all it is yours... who knows where you may end up down the track. Just watch those hills ... they can be a challenge so pace yourself just don't stop moving!
Donna :) :)

Katie said...


Kate said...

Congratulations....I started out as a preschool teacher and taught 3 to 5 year olds for 6 years. I now teach toddlers age 13 months to 3 years and I LOVE IT! I said all through school and through my 6 years of teaching PS I would NEVER teach toddlers....That will teach me to say "NEVER"....Enjoy the little ones...you have an opportunity to make great impressions on the very young lives you will be educating and caring for! They will remember you...I have several who travel long distances to see me still.
My biggest piece of advice is to remember that children (particularly toddlers) need to have too much of everything....it's the exploration and discovery that is important to them and their development!


Erin said...

Hi Kate, thanks for the encouragment! I agree about the 'too much of everything' - I'm so excited to begin setting up the classroom in an inviting way.