June 7, 2010


While waiting for the guy to come and put a new screen door on our veranda I;
  • Looked for jobs on on-line sites
  • Applied for a job
  • Bemoaned the lack of preschool jobs available within driving distance
  • Started to read a book to try and understand some of my friends parenting choices
  • Wrote lots of little sticky notes to stick in said book
  • Decided I can only read one chapter of said book at a time if I want to keep my sanity
  • Looked up articles on what I believe about infant development
  • Found a book I had read back in first year uni and loved and couldn't remember the name of (which has been annoying me for the last 5 years)
  • Bought said book
  • Tried (again) to apply for my DET casual number
  • Found that the DET website was still having issues
  • Wondered if I should ring DET about website again, or leave it for a few more days
  • Rang up the screen people to check what time I could expect him
  • Tried to build a light box to help with photographing my craft tutorials
  • Gave up and instead made a light diffuser to start with
  • Got sick of doing stuff in my room and went into the kitchen
  • Tried a new biscuit recipe
  • Washed up
  • While washing up put on the TV and saw an 'interst spot' about celebrities with large families
  • Wondered what kind of lives those kids would have growing up with with paparazzi photographing their every move and famous parents who are often off shooting movies.
  • Wondered if I was being a bit too cynical
  • Had one of the newly cooked biscuits
  • Decided the new recipe is not as good as my old standard
  • Designed a quilt for my cousins baby
  • Tried to work out the amount of each colour I would need for the quilt
  • Remembered for the thousandth time why I am not a mathematician
  • Thought about checking the mail, but know that Murphy's law will mean that the screen guy will call as soon as I walk out the door
  • Wondered what else I could do while I waited.
  • Decided to write a blog post

And I'm still waiting. For an 'unproductive' day, I seemed to have accomplished alot : ).

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