May 20, 2010

Love Our Way

Love Our Way by Julia Rollings was a book I picked up on a whim from the library a few weeks ago.

It is the story of how an ‘ordinary’ family in Australia came to adopt 6 children from all over the world, which would have been interesting enough. But when the family finds out that two of their children were stolen, (rather than abandoned as they had been told) their world turns upside down. In between the stories of usual family craziness that comes from having 8 children, the mix of identity challenges that the different children have to deal with, there is also the story of the two children as they decide to find their birth mother and eventually reunite with her.

It was obvious that this book was written ultimatley because of the story . I enjoyed reading it, but the passages don’t flow as easily as in other books I have read recently. However the story is so incredible that I was hooked. I wanted to know what happened, and often skimmed over passages I was unable to connect with to get to the next chapter quicker.

It’s a story about loving fully – even when it hurts. Of wanting to do the right thing, rather than the easy thing. It’s the story of a mother as she grapples with how best to mother her children and the story of two little children as they try to deal with things beyond most of our comprehension.
By the end I was uplifted. It's defiantly a unique story and I loved being able to be there for the ride.

You can read a bit more about the family's story since the book was published at their blog, Towards a new ending.

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