April 12, 2010

A Purple Dolphin

This is a pattern I’ve wanted to try this pattern for a while. I found it in Homespun Vol 10, Issue 12, but Melly and Me now also sell it as an individual pattern.

I quite liked how it turned out. Especially as it was my first try of a softie. The only thing is that you have to read the instructions for cutting carefully because some pieces have a seam allowance on the pattern and some you have to sew on the line that is drawn on the pattern.
Adding the fins was a little tricky. I found it easier to sew with a zipper foot because of the bulk on one side of each seam.

This little dolphin is being put away for a special girl who is about to become a big sister any day now. She is as big a fan of purple as I am. I don’t know if it will be a little brother or sister so I can’t start sewing for the baby yet :).

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