February 15, 2010

Where'd all the good fences go?

We wander along the streets, glad to be out of the house after a weekend of rain.

"I want to walk up there." She pulls herself up onto the low brick wall and streached out her arms to balance.
I walk along the footpath next to her.
"Ooo - I'm so high!"
"Very high - almost as tall as me."
She pauses, grabs me for balance and stands on her tippy toes. "No, I'm higher."
I smile and decide not to disagree.

I hold her hand as she jumps down and runs to the next fence, it's a picket fence so she runs to the next one. It's a high security fence.

"Why doesn't everyone has good fences?"

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Shelby would agree with this completely. We often take the time to stop and "balance" on all the brick walls we find. :)