August 27, 2009


Quite a while ago I bought a ruffler for my machine. It's quite an intimidating piece of equipment, but defiantly worth the investment if you sew alot of gathered garments. It makes tiny gathers as you sew, which means you don't need to sew long stitches, pull the thread and then attach - saves so much time!

My ruffler attachment in action - impressive, isn't it?

But it isn't something you just attach and instantly start sewing, it takes a bit of practise and patience to start making good gathers. I found an e-book on you can make this which is so useful! You have to register to download it, but registration is free, so if you have a ruffler and need a bit of help, or you are just interested in finding out if it's worth getting one I'd recommend you download the book and have a look. It's very comprehensive (30 pages!), with lots of pictures to illustrate and shows all these things you can do with a ruffler I never knew about (and weren't in the instructions that came when I bought it).

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