August 22, 2009

Day dreaming outside

Today I spent the entire day inside, as I was working at the store from open to close.
The weather the last few days has been so beautiful. Real go-outside-and-lie-in-the-sun-weather.

I've started some of my observation days for prac. Spending your day with under two's teachers you many things. One of the most important is to delight and wonder at the world around you. I laughed with the children as bubbles floated across the playground and popped when we tried to touch them. I delighted with the children in the different noises we can make from simple toys cars (more than you would think!). I wondered at the blue sky and the birds the flew around.

This is your task; get outside and wonder with childlike delight at the world around you. Don't try to explain it away and don't try to make sense, just wonder.

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