July 19, 2009

Market preparations- aka; I have the Best Dad

Mum and Dad were down last week, which would explain my 2 week hiatus. I have also been busy getting ready for the market coming up. I was explaining to Dad how I want to set up my stall, and he helped me make this;

It's like a room divider/screen. The idea is that it will separate my stall from whoever is behind me, and will also be a way to display some of my clothes too. (Imagine a sign across the top as well, I haven't made it yet). From a bit of research I did it helps to have an attractive looking stall to draw the people in. Glebe is a busy little market so I want to stand out.

We just got a piece of lattus from Bunnings and cut it into sections and added hinges (Ok, so dad did most of that, I held the wood while he sawed). It's so great having a Dad whose handy with building stuff.

I have also been busy sewing, adding buttons and attaching swing tags.

It's just two weeks away - I can't wait! I go from panicking that I won't have enough stock (which I doubt will happen) to worrying that I won't sell anything. I'm hoping the experience is a bit more in the middle :)

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