July 5, 2009


I spend a lot of time standing still (figuratively, that is). I'm often so scared of failure that I don't move beyond what is safe and familiar. Lately I've taken a few leaps - it's scary, but satisfying. You can't be guaranteed that things will work out, sometimes I can't always be sure if I'm doing the right thing. But sometimes falling flat on your face is the best way to learn.

So my first big leap - I signed up for my first market! Purple Frangipani clothes will be available for sale at Glebe Markets on Saturday 1st August. If you're around I'd love to see you there. This is huge for me, actually going to public to hope that someone outside my circle of friends would want to part with money for something I've made. But I'm also jumping out of my skin with excitement.

The other leap was meant to be in the works on Friday, but other things got in the way. I'm still not sure which way to go. It could mean huge opportunities for me next year, but also means a huge step out in faith which I'm a little unsure of.

When it comes to leaps I often have to grit my teeth and just go for it, other times I get over myself and dive right in. Standing still for too long can get boring.


Katie said...

Erin, I was so lovely to read such a positive, exciting post from you.
I wish I was in Sydney so I could check out your market stall. Good luck!

Katie said...

it was so lovely, not *I* was lovely! :P

Erin said...

lol, I understood.
Yay, can't wait - I'll take pics and post them for you to see.