April 23, 2009

Wanting to live outside the box

At church on Sunday our minister said something which caught my attention. During question time afterwards he expanded it a bit.

We talked about how we are physical beings, created to live in a physical world. And some of the problems we can encounter are exacerbated when we try to ignore this fact.

It was something that struck a cord with me. I've been withdrawing more and more each day, spending time in front of the computer or TV because it's safer there.

Why is it when I'm feeling listless, and bored I wander into the lounge room and turn on the TV rather than go outside for a walk?
Why do I feel the need to constantly multitask instead of taking the time to do things properly?
Why do I spend more time reading blogs of people I don't know than cultivating friendships with people I do know?
Why do I grab bites to eat, watching DVD's rather than take the time to prepare a nutritious meal and being thankful for what God has provided?

Don't get me wrong, I think the internet and TV and technology is great - lots of info and great way to expand my world. But I wonder if maybe I'm using it all to escape from the real world, trying to hide from things I don't want to have to face. Am I growing as a person, or am I dissolving away? Am I just trying to pass time until something better comes along?

I don't have the answers. And I'm not about to throw away my TV or computer. But I think I need to take a long hard look at how I'm spending the majority of my time and if it's really what is best for me.

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