April 19, 2009

Here is my handle, here is my spout

I really want to like tea. Seriously I do.

The idea of starting the day with a cup of tea is lovely, isn't it?
But I just can't seem to like it. Even if it smells nice all I taste is bitterness.

I've tried lots of different types - plain back tea, Earl gray, herbal infusions, fruit tea, vanilla tea.

The reason I really want to like is that I drink too much diet coke - and everything else besides water really isn't good for you to drink lots of. I drink so much water as it is, I'd love to replace my diet cokes with something else.

Apparently tea is good for you. And lots of people I know drink it, so it would make social situations easier (No more gasps and exclamations "What, you don't drink tea or coffee? How do you survive?" and then people listing all the different types and have I tried them all yet?).

The only way I can actually drink tea is to make it really weak and add lots of milk and sugar, which kind of defeats the point.

So, anyone have any ideas?

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Katie said...

I don't drink tea or coffee, either. It seems to be more common in our generation than previously. Until a couple of years ago, I didn't drink plain water either. Social situations and travelling are both much easier now that I do, but I refuse to learn to drink tea or coffee in the same manner, and I *never* want to become dependent on them as so many people are.

Elouise82 said...

I was introduced to herbal tea when I was about five, and have been a tea lover ever since, so I might not be much help. However, I did think of one trick I heard of from a man who used to only drink coffee loaded with milk and sugar. Every day for one month he drank it completely black, gagging on it every time. By the end of the month, when he went back to milk and sugar, he found the coffee way too sweet and weak, and realized that he had forcibly developed a taste for it black. Might be a little extreme, but if you're desperate enough to try, it might work!

Erin said...

Katie - thats why I'm not even trying to like coffe. It annoys me when people are like 'I need a coffee'. And it use to be that most of my friends only drank cold drinks, but something changed in the last few years :)

Elouise - lol; a bit extreem. But maybe I'm kind of doing that. Every few weeks I make a cup of tea and I'm always surprised when I don't like it (for some crazy reason)

adelantegirl said...

HA! If you figure it out, let me know! I would love to like tea. I always think it smells wonderful but then...YUCK. If you find a way to develop a taste, let us know!

Kacie said...

add the cream and sugar and who cares about the unhealthiness!:)