March 26, 2009

Storage Issues

In my creative space at the moment is;

  1. A bunch of embroidery threads I'm in the process of transferring to cards
  2. Some vests I'm in the middle of (A new design I'm working on)
  3. And pattern for hats which I keep meaning to sew

I'm getting ready to spend a few days with my parents where I won't have my sewing machine so I'm organising things I can do hand sewing on (like the vests).

Speaking of organising I finally decided I had to do something with my fabric. It was starting to overflow and get out of control. As my 'sewing' room is also my study, bed room and closet I really have to limit the amount of room that my sewing takes up. (If only I didn't need clothes, or uni text books - they take up the most space in my room!)

This is what my fabric use to be stored in (this is on a good day, when the fabric is not spilling over and miss matched as it normally is).

A good idea at the time, but actually not very easy to find the fabric I wanted and impossible to put fabric back without a mountain collapsing on top of me. And it really wasn't making the most of the area - so something else was needed.

I got a bunch of tubs from Spotlight; they are clear (but I still decided to label them, because I love labels) and not very deep. This is VERY important so that I can see from the top exactly what I have available in a certain colour. No more hunting underneath piles!

Dad put some shelves in and look - even with all my fabric neatly put away, half of my cupboard is empty! So hanging above it are designs which need some finishing touches (like buttons added), and next to it is a hanging thing with space for scraps (at the bottom) and buttons etc (all labeled) at the top.

It's so much better - I find a tidy area is much more inspiring (just don't look at my desk). For more creative space inspiration head over to Kootoyoo.

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Kirsty said...

Look how organised you are...fabulous.