March 12, 2009


With the bushfire emergency in Victoria there has been a huge amount of support raised around Australia. This is great and I'm proud to see that all over the country we are wanting to help people in their hour of need.

But also other things related to this make me a little uncomfortable, and it's to do with all types of charities, not just the bush fire relief. Like when you go into a shopping centre and there is a big banner announcing how much money they have given to the cause. When some stores promise to give a certain amount from each packet of biscuits, or whatever sold. When you see ads which show how much a company has pledged to help a charity.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they are giving. In a time of economic crisis when we hear about losses and falling whatever it's nice to see big companies giving back to the community. But I always have the feeling like it's part of their advertising campaign.
As if they are saying "Come and buy from us, we are such a nice and good company."

Can't they just give because it's a good cause without trying to get something for themselves? They don't have to hide the fact they gave, just not broadcast it so much.

Maybe I'm being idealistic. Maybe I'm creating a problem out of nothing.

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Diane said...

What a pretty post you have. I am an older Christian mom with a few sons about your age...wishing i had found Him like you have as a young woman. Keep walking with Him, He will always bless and keep you safe....