January 10, 2009

For your reading pleasure

Tomorrow I head off again to see family in Queensland, so I thought I would leave you with a little gem I discovered while we were going through old school work folders trying to find things to showcase at Joshua's 21st.

I discovered a hand written book of poems I had written dated the 14th May 1995. I would have been about 9.

(I left the original spelling in tack. I have never been a great speller, though at this point in time I blame Bislama for some of my phonetic spelling, also my tendency to exchange 'p's and 'b's)

I love my Mum,
My Mum loves me.
I can go to her with proplams (problems)
She makes me tae.

Under a shady tree
is just the thing for me
A book in my hand
no needing to stand
this is the live (life)
Pace (peace) and quiet

Five lille (little) birds on a tree.
One jumped on my head,
Oh dear! Oh dear!
five lille birds on my head insted.

(photo from sxc)


Jade said...
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Jade said...

Oh my goodness!! Those poems are adorable!! You were a very talented writer even at 9!! Thanks for posting these it brightened my day=)