December 2, 2008

You say tomatoe

Something I have been meaning to do for ages is grow a little veggie garden on our balcony.

I finally got around to starting it and so far it's going great.

I've got a pot of tomatoes.

If you look closely one is going red and should be ready to eat any day now. :) yum

I also have a pot with rosemary, capsicum and coriander.

I'm all inspired from my recent success, but not sure what else will grow well in pots. Any ideas?


Rachel said...

Oh wow you've done a fabulous job! Do you get much sun on your balcony? We don't and I've never tried to grow much but maybe I should at least try! If you find out any other good plants to try let me know!

Erin said...

Yeah we get quite a bit of sun, our balcony faces north and where I have the pots they get full morning sun until midday.