October 1, 2008

Life with a three year old

Last week I decided to give a friend of mine a break while her husband was away for a few weeks by taking her 3 year old for the day. Here are some of my random observations.

Playschool is lot more technological than when I was a kid.

They made 'computers' out of cardboard boxes and egg cartons, sent 'emails' to each other and sang a song about driving in their 4-wheel-drive. At least there was still Little Ted (though looking a bit worse for wear) and Jemima.

Doing anything with a three year old takes three times the time.

I didn't mind that we had to stop and examine every flower, jump on every Wiggles car at the shops, talk to every baby that we passed because I had all day. But I can see how frustrating this could be for mothers with lots of things to get done.

Kids can make friends so easily.

We went to a park to have a picnic and within 2 minutes of Elijah running to play on the equipment he had made a friend who he played happily with for 45 minutes. I wish adults could be like that "You like the slide? Me too! - lets be friends."

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Donna said...

Your post cracked me up! Especially about things taking longer...lol. With 6 in tow...we are slow!;-)

Thanks for posting on my blog!
yes, I do have a deep freeze and I have turned my laundry room into a make-shift pantry. (Adding shelves to the walls, storing in buckets (grains, flours, etc), and stacking cans in cardboard flats.)

My kitchen is tiny and once-a-month-shopping is hard to manage in such a small space but worth being a little pressed for space!

You might could glean something from my 'label' about 'college tips'...it could apply to you and your brother ...."frugal/grocery/cooking/dorm living -tips" is a summary.