September 24, 2008

Baby Names

Names fascinate me. I love names which mean something. I love names which have a rhythm to them, or have a unique sound to them.

Dad found a great site which he passed onto me. Its with the bureau of statistics, and has the data of all the names which children born in NSW (Australia) have been given over the last 100 years.

We don't always think of names having trends, or fashions, but they do - you just type in a name into this page and it shows how many children a year were call that name. Take Erin for instance. It was unheard of before the 1960's and spiked in the 1980's (Hmm, that decade sounds familiar . . . ). It's interesting trying to work out what might have started a certian name being popular.

Check it out, it's lots of fun.


Katie said...

And another thing we have in common! On the Victorian Births Deaths and Marriages site, you can also see which middle names were used with the name you looked up!
Oh, I really enjoyed Borderland. Thanks.

Erin said...

Great, glad you liked it!

Satria Sudeki said...
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