August 17, 2008

Vanuatu Bits and Pieces

Joshua has started to work for a huge international furniture store. All of the employees have a name tag with their name on it and flags underneath. It took me a while to work out that the flags represented the languages which the employee speaks. For example, everyone has an Australian flag because they all speak English. If you speak Spanish it would have an Spanish flag; Cantonese, there would be a Chinese flag.

As soon as I found this out I told Josh he had to put down he spoke Bislama - and he did! So now he has a little tiny Vanuatu flag on his name take - it seems a little silly, but I think it's so cool.


Being the good sports loving Aussies that we are (grin), Joshua and I have had the Olympics playing on and off in the background the last week. When we walk past the living room we flick it on to see if anything interesting is on.

Today I was in my room when Josh called out "Erin!" - I can generally interpret his one word calls pretty easily. This particular was actually saying "Come quick cos there is something really cool on and you'll really, really want to see it."

It turned out that a Ni-Vanuatu guy was in one of the 100 m heats. We both stood and cheered him all the way home (all 10 or so seconds). He came second last. But we didn't really care.

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