July 24, 2008

I can't decide!

For those of you who notice those sort of things, you may have realised the last two Friday posts have been about growing up as a missionary kid (kind of). I am hoping every week to write a short memory of growing up in Vanuatu.

I am trying to think up a name for a the new weekly segment but I can’t decide.
Can you help?

First I thought “Vanuatu Memories”, but then I thought maybe that’s a bit mundane.

Then I thought “Growing up Island” Which I like but I’m not sure if that makes sense (I think it might be a bit of Bislama/English squashed together - possibly it should say "Growing up Island Style", but thats not as catchy as the first one)

Then I thought maybe I should have a Bislama (language of Vanuatu) title like
“Stap tink bout yet” (which means I remember) or
“Time we mi Pikinini” (when I was a child)

(If you happen to speak Bislama please excuse my spelling/gramma – I have enough trouble with it in English and my spell checker doesn’t have Bislama for some strange reason)

Or something like “MK ramblings” (Okay now I’m really scrapping the bottom of the barrel)

For now it will be “Growing Up Island” – but please vote for which ever one you think is better in the comments – or even suggest a different name. I'd love to hear your ideas.


Katie said...

I like "Growing Up Island". So it's not grammatically correct - it's catchy!

nmetzler said...

I definitely vote for "Growing up Island" .

Elise Angélique said...

my vote goes to growing up island - we all seem to know what you're taling 'bout :P