July 7, 2008

How will I use my degree?

For a while I have been wondering what I will use my teaching degree for. The more I spend time with children and doing prac I realise I am more suited to working one-on-one with children or in small groups. I wonder how I will cope with a whole class.

My small Sunday school class, which is 5 children, is as large as I can teach comfortably. I had always said that I would like to work in Preschool but that is always because I don’t agree with the educational philosophy in most schools and I don’t want to work in child care.

What I would like to do is run small playgroups or MOPS type groups in a church especially to reach out to young mothers or new immigrants. Or I would like to be a house mother in missionary boarding school somewhere.

But these always seemed to be far fetched ideas, and not really careers. And unless God means for me to marry, I do need some way of supporting myself. (Unless my little business takes off and I can support myself through that a few days a week and spend the other days on Gods work. A girl can dream right?)

All these thoughts keep swirling around my mind while I sit day after day in class. Learning good and interesting things but wondering if it is worth while.
Then one day we had a visiting lecturer from the government who is a case worker for young children with disabilities. She works with the family; coordinating support, helping the family learn new skills, finding good day care and preschools. Even though it looked like hard work it looks like something I would be interested in doing.

And then at Bible study at church while I was talking with Felicity about what I had learnt, her husband (who works for Quiz Worx) stepped in and said that they had been thinking about creating an early childhood type Sunday school thing and he thinks I would might be able to help them with that after I graduate. (I teach their son in my toddler/preschool Sunday school class).

And it reminded me that in the back of my mind I have been toying with the idea of creating an easy English Sunday School curriculum that doesn’t require fancy equipment like paper and glue and stickers, (which we take for granted in our western churches, but which for many parts of the world are too expensive to be used without thought). I wanted to write a curriculum that could be easily translated to be used in Indigenous communities in the out back, or in the islands of a Certain Pacific Nation, or anywhere else it’s needed.

It was a lovely reminder that while I may not have the same aspirations as the other students beside me, He will be able to use my degree to serve Him in the future.

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