December 4, 2007

DVD Review: Colins Favourites

I had a fun night tonight, with my new DVD; Colin’s Favourites.
One of Australia’s favourite country music stars and Play school presenters discovered a number of years ago that there was a lack of good gospel based Aussie music for kids. After many DVD’s and CD’s it’s time for a best of.

And here it is. This is a great DVD for those who have not yet been introduced to Colin Buchanan (or just Colin, as he is known to kids around the nation). It has some of his best/favourite songs from his first 5 kid’s Christian albums including;
The One and Only God from Remember the Lord
I can’t save myself from Practise being Godly
Hoo Cha cha (John 14:6) from Jesus Rocks the World
God is Everywhere from 10, 9, 8 God is Great!
Merry, Merry Christmas
from King of Christmas
(You can find them all here)

The songs themselves are well grounded in scripture. I like the fact that Colin included the reference with each of his memory verses.
The videos show the zany side of Colin’s character, whether it’s riding around the town dressed as a space man on a scooter, or as Elvis bouncing in a jumping castle. While the film clips can at times overpower the words, it is not very often.

But wait, I hear you say, what about Colin’s most famous song “Baa, Baa, Doo, Baa, Baa’” (Isaiah 53:6)? It’s not in the first part, but after some crazy behind the scenes of Colin’s tour of Australia this DVD includes Live in Sydney 2000. Here Colin performs songs from Remember the Lord and Practise being Godly, including Isaiah 53:6. (I challenge you to sing this song without the Doo Baa Baa’s after hearing it a few times. Then try reading the passage in church without pausing in all the right places)
In the concert there is lots of children participation and also lots of footage of Sydney Harbour.

If you already own all of Colin’s DVD’s and CD’s it probably isn’t necessary to own this one was well. Unless you are like me and wanted it to be around as a good resource to whip out quickly for Sunday school or when unexpected little visitors are around.

Any Warnings? Hmm, well if you have a hatred of good solid Biblical songs being stuck in both you and your children’s head then possibly avoid this. Other wise I whole heartedly endorse this product. (and no I’m not paid in any way. Just a big fan)
(One song does contain a parody of Steve Irwin, it was made a few years before he passed away and is not offensive in any way, just a bit of fun)

What age? Any! Little-ies will bop along to the music, school age children (which this is aimed at) will love the zany Colin factor, (perhaps teenagers will declare it uncool) and adults will find it fun, inoffensive and a great resource for their children.


Nicole said...

Hi Erin,

Just found your blog through Rachael's one...Our family love Colin - thanks for taking the time to review this latest one!

Erin said...

Yay! always nice to meet other Colin fans. I probably shouldn't admit how much I love colin's music since I'm 21 but hey whats not to like? :)