November 30, 2007

You may have already found these

Just wanted to share with you 2 sites that I have come across recently and absolutely love.

First up, Generally books that were published more than 95 years ago or whose author has been deceased for 70 or more years are in the public domain. This means that there is no copyright on them and they can be reproduced without permission. Librivox does free recordings of public domain books so you can download a free (really-truely FREE) audio file of that book (and don't have to worry about copyright or breaking the law).

They are all read by volunteers so I can't vouch for the quality of all the recordings, I have just finished listening to this copy of Pride and Prejudice which I enjoyed immensely (besides the obvious American accent. I always feel that Jane Austen should be read in the most proper English accent. And it's pronounced Bhing-leigh, not Bing-Lee, but as I said, it's free so I won't complain).

There are many other classics on there. I'm considering volunteering to read Seven Little Australians (So it's read in an Australian accent -grin-).

The other find is Its basically a sewing blog attached to a fabric store; at the moment they are doing 30 days of hand made gifts. So every day of November they have searched the blogosphere to find great sewing tutorials for us to try. There's also older articles about girls and boys clothes. My list of things I want to sew has quadrupled since I discovered this site. I just finished a bag like these ones from a tutorial I found on the day they had purse/bag tutorials.

Go over and poke around, I grantee you'll be inspired.

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Tip Junkie said...

I just found the sew mama sew blog too. It's amazing!