November 20, 2007


We have Pa (Mum's Dad) staying with us for a week. He's a little hard of hearing and sleeps a lot but it's so nice to have him around.
He is a great story teller, He can have us all in stitches with one story or another. Most of them I have heard over and over, but I don't mind.

Yesterday we were watching the cricket when I suddenly thought to ask;
"Pa, did you play cricket when you were younger?"

"Well, yes I did. I was the 6th class captain down at Thornleigh school. We didn't play competitions like they do today, just at school and the like. They only made me the captain cos I was the only one with a bicycle and I let them ride it. I had a pony too - but I didn't let anyone ride him." (It was Pa who taught me how to ride. I get my love of the country and all things horse from him.)

"Then when I was in the engineer's in New Guinea [In the army for World War II] we use to play cricket. I was alright. I use to be a bit of a pace man, fast bowler" (I wish I could say I can imagine Pa as a fast bowler, but I can't. I've only ever known him as an old man. Still I like to think of him as a fast bowler)
"When I came home I almost played football."
"What happened to make you stop?" I asked
"Well, I went to one training session - but the next day I was at work, walking along the roof [He was a builder] and I could barely move my leg! So I thought 'Thats not for me!' I watched it a bit instead."

After reading what I wrote it's not really the words that are captivating, it's the voice and the face as he remembers. It's hard to believe that the old stooped man in front of me was once a fit young man who fought for our country and played sport just like we do today.

It made me sad in the happiest kind of way.
(Photo courtesy of woodsy at stock.xchng)

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